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After a royal entourage is massacred in the forest, a woman awakens with amnesia, and everyone insists she is the devious and self-serving Princess Jillian. Meanwhile, her decoy, the woman who takes the princess’s place during times of danger, has gone missing.


Confused and forlorn, the princess returns to the castle in Dragon Ash, where she blacks out again… only to awaken covered in the queen’s blood. Escaping justice with the sole witness to the queen’s murder, a blacksmith who is in love with the decoy, the princess embarks on a quest to regain her lost memories, prove her innocence, and locate the missing woman.

Dogged by her budding feelings for the blacksmith and fear over who she might really be, the princess must find her decoy and unravel the secrets of their past. But will a mysterious magic invading their world compel her to kill again before she can uncover the truth?


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