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Sideload a .mobi file to your Kindle or Kindle App


Instructions to DOWNLOAD to Kindle:

- IF YOU OWN A KINDLE or HAVE A KINDLE APP ON AN IPAD- Once the Kindle file downloads, you will need to email it to your kindle. 


  • Find your “Kindle Email” address by going to Your Account>Manage my Kindle on your Amazon account.

  • Click on “personal document settings” – you should see your kindle email address, something like

  •  Make sure your regular email address is on the “approved personal document email list” listed below your kindle email address.

  • Send an email, with the downloaded file  to your kindle email address. 

  • You are done – the book should show up on your kindle (or ipad kindle app) within 10 minutes (you must have WiFi turned on, so it can update).

- IF YOU HAVE A KINDLE APP ON YOUR PC - once the Kindle file downloads to your PC, you should be able to double click on the downloaded Kindle file to open.

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